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August 4th|Lipstick Jungle |SHINE NIGHTCLUB  Vancouver  CA
August 28th|eatART at BM| Electromek Apotek|BURNING MAN 2013  Nevada USA
September 15th|Passions | DR PETER’S HOUSE  Vancouver  CA
October 12th|Masquerade WorkLess Partyparty|JAPANESE HALLVancouver CA
November 16th|Afterglow 2013-Vancouver’s Official BM Decompression Squamish CA
November 30th|Cloud IX Launch Party | DAL’S ART HOUSE Vancouver CA
March 1st | Cloud IX Presents: Technicolor Dream | eatART HANGER  Vancouver CA
April 5th | Spring Carnival Workless Party party | JAPANESE HALL Vancouver CA
May 17th| Mad Haus| WALDORF HOTEL Vancouver CA
June 7th| Mad Haus| WALDORF HOTEL Vancouver CA
June 14th| Kingdome of Bounce; Cloudix Fundraiser| DAL’S ART HOUSE  Vancouver CA
July 12th| Burn in The Forest 2014| Squamish Valley CA
August 25th| Cloudix| BURNING MAN 2014  Nevada USA
August 26th| Cloudix| BURNING MAN 2014  Nevada USA
August 26th| Bizarniville| BURNING MAN 2014  Nevada USA
August 29th| Cloudix| BURNING MAN 2014  Nevada USA
September 14th| Passions|THE IMPERIAL Vancouver CA
October 18th| Work Less Party party| JAPANESE HALL  Vancouver CA
December 31st| Ascension NYE 2015| eatART LAB Vancouver CA
February 21st| FAME Night| ANZA CLUB Vancouver CA
April 17th| Vancouver Video Mapping Festival| Legion Vancouver CA
May 2nd| Bass Funk for Space Junk| Legion Vancouver CA
July 12th| Burn in the Forest| CHEAM Vilage Chilliwack CA
Sept 13th| Passions Gala| Roundhouse Vancouver CA
October 17th| Dustcovery| Official BM Decompression Event| Cloverdale CA
December 31st| Retro Future eatART NYE Party| Vancouver CA
February 20th| Recharge 2016| Vancouver CA
July 16th| Burn in the Forest 2016| Chilliwack CA 
September 07th| Passions 2016| Vancouver CA

October 22th| Dustcovery 2016| Cloverdale CA

December 31st| NYE 2017| eatart| vancouver CA

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Nehana Neufeld

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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